It's Launch Day!πŸš€

By Tam Ngo Nov 18, 2020
Nov 18, 2020

We are thrilled to announce that we opened the doors and launched BeeCanvas publicly! If you haven't done so already, it's a good day to start creating your workspace with BeeCanvas!

As part of our public launch, we're proud to present to you:

  • A brand new design and new ways to collaborate with your team
  • A fun and exciting onboarding and product tour experience
  • Universal search, our first step towards making everything fully searchable from one search box
  • User Profile View, so teams can keep each other accountable and motivated while staying apart

So without further ado, let's see what we have in store for you!

New Feature

A Whole New Look!

BeeCanvas has a spacious new design that puts your team's work front and center. All features are streamlined with sidebars and reorganized toolbars, making it easier than ever to get work done fast. So wait no more and head to your brand new BeeCanvas workspace today!

Take The Boring Out Of Your Onboarding

No one wants to be stuck reading through a product manual full of text. Thus, we want to provide you with a fun and informative onboarding experience, so that you can get right into all the fun stuff after just a few clicks. We do all the heavy-lifting work so you can rest assured that every newly added team member can get going right away with BeeCanvas, without any intensive software training. Happy onboarding!

User Profile View

Don't let distance discourage team engagement. Our user profile view enables your teams to stay on top of their progress and work as if they're in the same office. Everyone can stay in the loop from anywhere by checking what their teammates are working on. Let's move forward together!

With so much content and data nowadays, it's hard to keep track of where all your content lives. Sometimes the information you need to find is not found in the canvas title, but nested deep within. Today, we're proud to introduce Universal Search. Now, when you type "email" in our search box for example, our search engine will hand you all the results of "email", whether it comes from a canvas, a project, a page, a comment, or even an object!

Table is here....

The wait is finally over. We're thrilled to announce Table! As you can quickly use our canvases for literally everything, we also want to make them versatile and intuitive for different types of structured data. Table is our first milestone in integrating all the tools you need in one single place. Gone are the days of struggling to handle spreadsheets such as scorecard, timetable, basic metrics, catalog and more. Visualizing structured data just became much easier with BeeCanvas!

Pro Tips

Hover Tooltips

At BeeCanvas, we are here to help your team truly achieve, by removing the barriers to collaboration.

How? By making our platform quick and intuitive to use.

Starting today, you'll now see hover tooltips deployed exactly where you need them, written by our pros. These tooltips are thoughtfully introduced to add clarity and make using our app as sweet as honey.

Tap into the genius of your team

Facilitate and document your Sprint Review Meetings using our new tables.

We already know that BeeCanvas is great for holding meetings where every participant can add in their own unique input. This is particularly useful in giving feedback across roles, where designers, product managers, and developers can meet around our common ground and work through roadblocks. In addition, the team can get on the same page regarding which issues or user stories will be moved to and from the backlog.

How to go from ideation to launching a product?

So you've got a great product idea, but you're unsure what to do about it? How do you go from just an idea on a raw canvas to launching it to the mass public? Take a look at these 5 steps to help you go from ideation to launch.

How to Draw a Concept Map?

Concept mapping is brainstorming with a purpose. So how do teams master concept maps? In this article, we are laying out an easy 5-step process for planning and designing a standard concept map that works for most of your use cases.

The 4P's of Marketing

The classic four P's of marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion), also known as the marketing mix, is a powerful set of tools any company can use to market its product to consumers. BeeCanvas’s whiteboard is the perfect canvas to visualize and build your marketing mix. Click here to learn more about the 4P's of Marketing

Bug Fixes

  • Canvas description is now available and works as usual for all users
  • Server stability has improved significantly
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