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Move Forward, Together!

By Tam Ngo Oct 27, 2020
Oct 27, 2020

While so much has changed - BeeCanvas's core mission to help teams achieve the best outcomes through reinventing their online workspace has not. With that in mind, we're continuing to push out a new feature improvement, bug fixes, and blog posts to help you make the most out of your online workspace and move your teams forward. So this week, we shipped:

  • A faster and more flexible canvas that can be easily dragged and dropped anywhere on your screen
  • Improved Airtable integration to help you create spreadsheets, databases, and visual documentation in one place
  • Featured blog posts covering our remote work culture, an essential guide to build an efficient online workspace, and our take on why BeeCanvas is not just another collaboration tool


Seamlessly drag and drop canvas anywhere on the board

Our canvases help keep all your documents in one place, simplify complex concepts, and give you an easy-to-scan view of everything that matters. And they just got a lot better and faster: You'll be able to quickly rearrange your canvases by dragging-n-dropping your canvases literally anywhere on your screen. Nothing can stop you now!

Bug Fixes

A more reliable and scalable Airtable integration

At BeeCanvas, we firmly believe in challenging the way people work and collaborate. So we created BeeCanvas as an intuitive and flexible workspace where teams can come together to create and win. Airtable integration exists to help teams easily access calculated databases while managing their company workflow.

Before, when you inserted an Airtable link to a canvas, the thumbnail image showed the Sign-up page by default. The popup preview also refused to connect with the Airtable app. These problems are now gone. Now, teams can easily add Airtable links and Β preview databases directly from BeeCanvas, saving more time and money. Β Thus, teams collaborate smarter and make more winning decisions together.

Blog Posts

How to work efficiently with remote working teams

COVID-19 has changed how we work completely. Before, we might occasionally work from home or remotely with other teammates or clients. However, it is not until this year that working remotely has become a norm for everyone across the globe. Click here to learn how to work efficiently with remote teams

BeeCanvas is not just a collaboration tool

We envisioned BeeCanvas to be this one solution that can support our team and our workflow from the beginning to the end. That's why BeeCanvas is all of these: a cross-functional project management tool that helps companies track working status and progress, a visual collaboration tool that allows us to work with anyone on the team quickly and efficiently, and a documentation repository for everyone to refer to and get aligned. Click here to learn how BeeCanvas unifies all your collaboration tools

BeeCanvas's Remote Working Culture

If you don't know already, BeeCanvas is a global team located out of San Francisco, USA, and Seoul, South Korea. While we have an office in both locations, we have a strong remote working culture even before COVID-19 happened. See how we stay connected and efficient even when we are not working physically together. Click here to learn more about BeeCanvas's remote working culture

β€œ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. ”

- Benjamin Franklin -

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